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Here at Ortus we wanted to take you behind the scenes into the real meaning of what the business stands for. Mainly because we want to help you understand what we are about so that the best service can be provided to you as clients (and also cause this keeps marketing off our back for a few minutes 😉)

Why Ortus?

In speaking to our founder, Tony Horsey, about starting a Business and finding a name he said that “A lot of consultancies, when considering a name for their business, are Ego-centrically led and named after the founder. I was looking for a business name that was non-specific”...

“…Ortus is Latin translating as new dawn or beginning, I believe the Construction Industry is going through a Renaissance, a new dawn, if you will, so the name fitted with where we are now.

We’re looking to a bright future ahead delivering quality service to professional developers across the South West. So come and join this new dawn for the construction industry before your left for dusk by the others.

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