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All new homes will be zero carbon, are you ready?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

It’s been exciting to see a number of ‘currently’ niche developers delivering low energy or zero carbon homes with, #VertoHomes being at the forefront of this, and with government plans, being introduced within 5 years, I can’t help but think this experience will leave them well placed in a future where new homes have to be delivered free of fossil fuels.

At Ortus this is a subject close to our hearts and having successfully designed and constructed several low energy properties over the past few years we can’t help wondering how this will impact on current, more traditional, development and construction models.

We’re currently working through the implications of this with clients looking at technology, off site construction, passive solutions, but it seems there are plenty of developers out there who are in danger of getting left behind.

The nay Sayers will put the idea down claiming it will never happen or will be watered down (code for sustainable homes) but the world is changing, expectations are changing, there are protesters in the streets and children shouting at the UN. Be in no doubt, change is coming!

The government consultation, which closes in January, could be a game changer for the housing industry and developers need to be getting ahead of it now as, with the long term nature and cost of development, they don't want to be on the wrong side of a PR storm that could come out of nowhere.

The good news is we know, through our own experience, that zero carbon or low energy can be delivered effectively and at no extra development cost with considered efficient design and the right choice of technical solutions for the project but like some of the more experienced developers we’ve also worked through different solutions and know what doesn’t work.They may look like subtle differences but a few % on costs through the wrong choices and the delays this can create, can make the world of difference.

Our industry and the expectations of our customers are changing. Ortus has the experience and is future proofed to ensure our clients continue to deliver better, more efficient, homes that can meet these changing needs. Get in touch if you want to stay ahead of this wave.

Tony Horsey

01803 321279

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