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Life's a Beach :-)

Having been designing and delivering buildings for 25+ years I've worked in a lot or roles, with a lot of people, doing may different things and sometime memories fade so it's fantastic when and old client gets in touch to say 'look what we did'.

This project in North Devon was to convert a tired old house into something that capitalized on its location. A prominent location bounding a conservation area and next door to a listed building our proposals had some resistance but with some perseverance we managed to get it through planning.

Creating an extension, inverting the accommodation, to put the living space of the first floor, and constructing a large balcony with structure free sliding doors opened the house up to the beautiful views across the river. With planning achieved, for me, that was the end of the story. The client was in no hurry and had a builder lined up to do the work when he was ready so, with the exception of some minor planning amendments a little down the line my work was done then, out of the blue, I received these. Project complete, happy client and a stunning outcome.

Sometimes we lose track of what we've achieved so, I have to be honest, it does bring on a warm feeling when people go out of their way to remind us.

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