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The World Keeps Turning!

Updated: Jun 15

North prospect in Plymouth has had more recent history than many places. The bright hopes of the 1930's development of 'A Paradise' garden suburb descending into the Cinderella story of Swilly renowned for its deprived conditions that now, once again, is undergoing a major regeneration.

In different times the City Social Club was a community hub with a vibrant and buzzing atmosphere but society moved on and like so many places the need for a social hub diminished and the once bright lights faded. In another location developers would have consumed the club for open market flats and another social asset would be lost but this is Swilly so the story isn't going to be that linear.

At Ortus, we look at the world, and our industry, differently to find better solutions and are so excited to have been introduced to Pebble Properties. A developer, doing things differently, working in markets that others don't consider.

Society's need for social hubs may have faded but there is still a very real need for social care and Pebble Properties are forging into this world with creative solutions providing homes for people in need of support and with this future the city social club will continue to fulfil a very worthy social need and Ortus are proud to have the opportunity to contribute to this.

Working within the unique Ortus Partnering Agreement we're able to share the risk of development giving our client and their end users comfort and security that the project will progress and be delivered on time.

The world keeps turning and, through the creative contributions of Ortus and Pebble Properties, the sun will rise again on the city social club ensuring its place, at the heart of this community, has a bright future.

Keep an eye out for updates as the plans and development progress.

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