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Time to get your glad rags on

We are so excited to be be able to introduce the...

An all new property networking group launching at 5.30pm from the Rowcroft Estate on 6th April.

We're bringing property developers, investors, land owners and professionals together to make new connections, discover new opportunities, and develop their knowledge and understanding of property development in a rapidly changing landscape.

Our first event, hosted at The Rowcroft Estate in Torquay, will take an overview of the recent, current, and future, development environment in Torbay. This is then followed with the keynote speaker, Mark Hawkins, CEO of the Rowcroft Trust, who will present the recently launched plans for the £30M Rowcroft Village in the heart of Torquay.

Subsequent events are being planned with the next one, on 4th May in Exeter, investigating the value of energy efficient design in a challenging and escalating energy market. Design to need less energy, not produce more.

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