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A New Face!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

We’re excited to announce that Arbor Design has evolved.

Ortus was formed to support property developers, investors, contractors and other clients deliver successful property development projects, so we asked them…

"If you had an experienced team of development managers, designers, planners, and project managers, sat at a desk in your office, how would you use them? What problems would they overcome?"

The continuous and never-ending improvement, at the heart of Ortus, starts with what they told us.

Responsive project appraisal – An internal team would know and understand our development criteria and provide fast and detailed preliminary site appraisals, so we stop wasting time on projects that go nowhere.

Long term business certainty – The team would know and understand our longer term business objectives, project pipeline and growth plans, ensuring these are managed, programmed and resourced as we need them. Our team would work to ensure our business objectives come first.

Cost certainty – There’d be no more project by project negotiations or unexpected ‘extras’ creeping in. We would have a clear and manageable cost base into the future.

Shared risk – Site appraisal, acquisition and planning are all speculative costs where we carry the risk. An internal team’s success would be dependent on our own and that feels a little more balanced.

Ortus are a Property Development Management Team dedicated to making your business and your projects progress more smoothly, more efficiently and more profitably. We’re working with clients providing services and creative solutions to these problems and more.

Do you experience these or other problems that ORTUS can help resolve? 01803 321279

Get in touch now and lets work to find a solution.

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