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Property Development Managers?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The simple answer is we deliver residential property developments in partnership or on behalf of our clients.

· We support established developers delivering projects within long term business & growth strategies.

· We support smaller developers with project delivery & their own growth strategy.

· We support investors by building teams & delivering developments for them.

With a professional background in architecture, planning, project management and having delivered several new build and conversion developments of our own we saw an opportunity to use this broader experience and do things differently, to do things better, to streamline and de-risk the consultant services required to deliver property development.

Ortus partners with clients, sharing the risk of development delivery, from the beginning to the end. We work with some as full project lead and others simply providing support. Our experience enables us to understand their needs and provide the support that's necessary. So what does this look like?

We work with clients on site procurement, project and pipeline delivery strategies ensuring capacity, stability and longevity in their businesses plan. This is at the heart of our partnering service where we become embedded within their business understanding their needs, risks and ambitions. In this capacity Ortus effectively becomes the development management department for ambitious developers with a long term view.

At a project level we advise on the viability and risk of new projects, supporting clients with funding and investor information. We produce commercial appraisals as part of the design and feasibility phase of projects ensuring project viability isn't compromised.

Our experience in public speaking and events enables us to contribute to public relations strategies, public and local consultations and work with developers ensuring the right environment for their project.

As project managers we identify, build and lead project teams through all phases of a development.

Our architectural team designs, produces and manages drawings, information and communication from feasibility through design development, planning, construction detailing, tendering...

Our shared risk approach provides our clients with cost certainty through the speculative phases of the project gives our clients comfort that a second perspective is assessing and mitigating every risk that could result in delays.

As experienced project managers we will programme and manage the project on site working closely with our clients, understanding and delivering on their needs. We supervise, certify, and sign off projects getting to those all important sales.

We’re a consultancy that takes a whole project view and is willing to share the risk in delivering it. We believe this is how development consultancy should be delivered and at Ortus we’re doing things differently.

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