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Your Future With Ortus?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Have you ever read or heard someone communicate something that really resonates with thoughts you’ve held for years?

I had that recently with ‘The Infinite Game’ the latest book from Simon Sinek in which he states that business, good business, should be infinite. Business needs to be financially viable but it should serve a purpose bigger than the simple goal of making money, that it should be conceived and delivered with a plan to make a difference that continues long after the people who establish or work within it have moved on. I’ve developed and I’m growing Ortus to be just that and I’m going to need help.

I’ve worked in the construction industry for 25 years and I’m more inspired and excited by my role and the opportunities it presents now than I have ever been. There’s so much change in how we build, how we communicate, how we design, how we deliver projects and there is more, far more, change coming that will impact us as individuals, our industry and the environment we live in. I’m looking for people who see that too.

Ortus has the simple vision of being that change. Hugely ambitious for a (currently) small Devonian property development consultancy, audacious, pretentious, possibly even delusional but there it is and, more than words, we’re already doing it. We’re already working under alternative appointment terms giving the business, and us within it, more long-term security. We’re already sharing risk with clients in exchange for longer term partnering contracts, we’re already delivering off-site construction solutions, and working to understand evolving technologies, we’re already embracing remote working solutions ensuring geography isn’t an obstacle to getting the right people on board.

At Ortus we strive for continuous and never-ending improvement. For the business, for our clients and our partners and that can only be delivered by people within Ortus who want it for themselves.

In an industry that’s changing, we’re working with people who share our vision. A vision that the future of construction will be different, can be better and that we will be at the centre of it. We’re looking for people who see the bigger game, who see more to life and work than just a pay-check, who want to be part of something bigger.

We need support right now so if you’re an architectural professional who see’s a different future, who wants to grow and develop to be part of that, I want to hear from you. At this stage don’t send me a CV or a portfolio, write to me at and tell me what you see. Tell me what inspires you, what change you see and why, tell me a story so I can see what makes you tick. Be bold, be honest, be blunt, you can’t be wrong, but get in touch.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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